Lent (Day 37) — Jimmy Breslin, “The Church that Forgot Christ”

The thing that really jumped out at me in today’s reading from Breslin’s book was his discussion of the impending sainthood of Mother Teresa.  At this point, she is still Blessed Mother Teresa, with one more attested miracle required for sainthood.  Breslin spoke of when he met Mother Teresa, at Holy Cross College in May of 1976.  She received an honorary degree from the college for her good works and Breslin delivered the speech to the graduating class.  As I knew several people graduating that year (I graduated in 1977) I was in attendance for Mother Teresa’s degree and Breslin’s talk.  Like Breslin, I am amazed that two people I saw in the flesh, Mother Teresa and John Paul II (when he did his first US tour, I attended Mass in Grant Park [about half a million in attendance]).  And I keep recalling Cassius’ lines about Julius Caesar in Shakespeare’s play that a guy that all the senators knew, a guy they hung around with, was now considered almost a god.  Tough to believe for people who knew the guy way back when.  And Breslin says he did some research on the attested miracle, the disappearance of a cancerous growth from the stomach of some Indian woman.  And it turns out that the miracle may not have happened, that the woman may have had only some stomach ailment that passed naturally.  Breslin mentions it, not to discredit Mother Teresa, though he does point out that some of her positions did not help the poor of India, and that stuff should be better known, but to point out how the Church largely ignores stuff they don’t want to hear, which is convenient for them, but does not advance the cause of truth. 

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