Lent (Day 22) — what happens when you get up late?

Well, I was planning on publishing thoughts on more of James Martin’s book (I’ve got to return it by April 1), but I managed not to get up early enough this morning to continue reading, so this will be a more free-form meditation.  I’ve been thinking about joy a lot lately (I have to say that Martin’s book has made this a productive Lent — I remember a friend of mine speaking of how Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ made his Lenten reflexions a few years back very productive and deeper — though I can’t quite agree with him on that film (I did see it, but will not see it again, in all likelihood), I think I may have some sense of how he felt, so thanks, Fr. Martin).  So, let me reflect on joy and my own spirituality.  I’m thinking that my life has been filled with joy (it’s had tough moments too, but mostly they have not defined me), and when I think of what makes me joyful, I think it is that I find the world ultimately miraculous.  And it may be that sense of miracles that make me think that my own version of Unitarian spirituality is very much of a Catholic variety.  I remember once an old friend of mine saying to me, as we briefly got involved one spring, that when spring came, even before it came, she could feel the sap moving in the trees, and things coming to life.  At the time, part of my motivation in wondering at that statement, and being wowed by it, was that I was quite infatuated with her.  But that infatuation has cooled into a solid friendship, and I still find that statement quite lovely and most powerful.  It’s a most positive affirmation of life, and of saying yes to the world.  It drips with the sort of mysticism that says that the world and I are one.  And when I contemplate our bruised and battered world, I do think that, more than anything else, we need some sense of that connexion, and we need to say yes, and we need to be joyous martyrs all (not to the ossified forms of religion or rigid tenets) but to the wonder of the world and all the beauty therein.  

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