Bye-bye, Muu!

Yesterday, Carla and I sat with Muu as she was euthanized. My cat for 18 years, ours for almost 13 years, Muu (aka MUU, the Unitarian Universalist cat), a beautiful calico cat, suffered from renal failure.  This was first diagnosed almost 2 years ago, and we were able to keep it in check up until last week using a saline drip every other day.  It seems likely that on Saturday her kidneys totally (or nearly so) shut down, at which time she also suffered loss of her eyesight.  This was confirmed at the vets yesterday and we made the decision to let Muu go.  Needless to say, there was much weeping over the past few days, as we thought it likely Muu would be leaving, and then it became a certainty. I got Muu as a newly-born kitten in Syracuse, NY, and she traveled with me first to Clarion, PA (riding, for some of that trip atop my head).  As a kitten she loved to curl up on my crossed arms when I sat watching TV.  She also loved sleeping aside me at night. She had such a loud purr (it sounded  like a washing machine) that I would put her at the foot of the bed.  She would then head for higher ground by crawling up my leg and settling in atop my butt, which had sufficient cushion for her, and my butt was far enough from my ears that I could get to sleep.  Muu, in a way, was my first pet.  My first wife and I had two cats, Camelia and Tiger (aka Mimu and Googer), and, following our divorce, Tiger went with me.  But Muu was the first pet that was mine from the start, so her passing is tough.  I take some comfort in that she had a long life and had a pretty enjoyable time for most of it.  Bye, bye, Muu.

1 Response to “Bye-bye, Muu!”

  1. June 14, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    I’m sorry to hear about Muu’s passing. You and Carla are such good furbaby parents!

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