Feeling my seven side…

Lately, I’ve been feeling my seven side.  A word of explanation — in the Enneagram personality system, there are 9 basic types.  I am a type – 6, whose big issue is danger and fear.  Sixes always have their antennae up to sense possible danger spots.  It makes us great devil’s advocates, and great troubleshooters (though taken to its extreme, there is danger everywhere, and it’s tough to concentrate when the warning bell is always going off.  But, in addition, every type has a wing-type that further differentiates (so there are 6w5 — sixes with a 5 wing, and 6w7 — sixes with a 7 wing).  And I am a 6w7.  The Sevens (aka the “epicures”) are all about getting as much information from as many different sources as possible — it’s sensory overload.  It ties into the whole danger thing — you can ward off danger by being an expert in some area (5s do this) or by learning something from as many sources as you can (7s do this). 

I spend some of each day watching some TV — usually movies, though the past few days I’ve been watching kids TV shows from the 50s (and, for the most part, they were really bad).  Despite their terrible quality, I’ve been watching episodes of Pinky Lee, the Juvenile Jury, the Paul Winchell Show, Ding Dong School, and so forth.  You might ask, why watch these shows?  Iwould have to say, curiosity, pure and simple.  And when I was in 5th grade I had a History of TV shows, copiously illustrated.  I learned a lot about shows I’d never see, and, having a chance to see the shows was more than I could pass up. 

I’ve also been reading a lot.  I’m in two book clubs, and lead two other book clubs, and read classics for the Kansas City Public Library, so I can post a review of some great work of literature.  December’s review was of Gawain and the Green Knight, and I’m currently reading Dr. Zhivago for the next review.  All this reading is more than I’ve done in a long time.  And again, I have a mix of great classics, Beowulf, Gawain, Dr. Zhivago alongside the latest Mickey Spillane (Max Collins took an unfinished novel of Mickey Spillane and finished it and published it this past year). Again, it seems a strange mix of things, but so often I see something that intrigues me, and then I have to give it a look. 

Unfortunately, it can sometimes leave me frazzled, and without a clear sense of what I know and believe — in a sense, it’s like having a pile of papers be your only filing system.  I do that too, I’m afraid.  And there are times when I figure I need to read less, watch stuff less, but then I see something else that looks intriguing and I’m off again.  It does make for a nice conjunction of things, Descartes and Spillane, or Ding Dong School and Citizen Kane.  And sometimes it does lead to a sense of enlightenment — I live for enlightenment.  It does make me think, though, that I should be a bit more disciplined.  Maybe some day.

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